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Johnny Fleeman's Steak Marinade and Seasoning
Our Price: $2.49

Unlike most marinades, Johnny Fleeman's is very low in sodium with only
(17%) of your daily requirement compared to others as high as (51%).
In the restaurants we marinade for 2 days before we grill. At home you can
do the same , all you need is a zip lock bag, place your steaks in the bag,
pour Johnny Fleeman into the bag and there you go. During the marinating
process, you can take the bag out of the refrigerator and toss the steaks so
they get evenly coated. During grilling you can also brush on and let the
sauce caramelize around the edges.
Johnny Fleeman's Cocktail Sauce
Our Price: $2.49

We don't use a measuring device when making this recipe, we just keep adding enough horseradish until it makes tears come to our eyes. So when we put the phrase "Dad says, if it doesn't make tears in your eyes, it isn't Johnny Fleeman's!" on the bottle, we meant it.
Johnny Fleeman's Honey Mustard Dressing
Our Price: $2.49

This Honey Mustard Dressing is the most popular in the restaurant. My Honey Mustard is made with yellow mustard rather than the brown Dijon mustard found in many other Honey Mustards. This is the reason mine has a smoother flavor and has a bright yellow color. Besides tasting delicious on our fresh-made salads, we also use this as a dipping sauce for our Grilled Chicken Breast and Fried Chicken Fingers.
Johnny Fleeman's Honey French Dressing
Our Price: $2.49

We've taken the traditional French dressing and have made more delicious with the addition of Pure Honey, Poppy Seed & Sweet Onion. Try it on your next salad & see what we mean.
Johnny Fleeman's Louisiana Ranch Dressing
Our Price: $2.49